About the Preston Bailey Team

The Preston Bailey Team comprises high-level designers, builders, directors, & artists. Their collective experience includes orchestrating extravagant celebrations globally in some of the most iconic locations. From transforming lavish ballrooms into fairytale wonderlands to crafting intimate outdoor gatherings that reflect the beauty of nature, their portfolio includes unparalleled creativity and dedication. With a deep understanding of the interplay between aesthetics and emotions, the team brings to life weddings and events that transcend expectations.

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Preston Bailey

Event designer, producer, & director

Since opening his design studio in 1980, Preston has been sought out to create one-of-a-kind, transformative designs that serve as backdrops for some of the most memorable moments of his clients’ lives.

A designer with a passion for creating designs to be enjoyed by the public and his clients, he has made many art installations featured worldwide with showcases in New York, Las Vegas, Boston, Hong Kong, Jakarta, Taiwan, and London.

with over 40 years in the events industry Preston bailey is among the world's top event designers

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Notable Clients

We work to create never before seen designs & experiences for our discerning clients

Athlete Serena Williams + Reddit Co-founder Alexis Ohanian

Joan Rivers + Preston Bailey

Catherine Zeta Jones + Michael Douglas

Martha Stewart + Preston Bailey

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what I love most about what I do

"Seeing the joy on my client's face is what I live for..."

For weddings, my reward is working with our clients to create ethereal worlds of beauty that transcend imagination and elevate the essence of their love. While producing events, I generally love transforming ordinary spaces into breathtaking wonderlands where every bloom tells a unique story. My life’s work is the delicate art of weaving together colors, textures, & florals to evoke emotions and create cherished memories. Collaborating with families and clients to understand their dreams and aspirations and then watching their faces light up as they step into a realm of enchantment on their special day is an indescribable joy. It's this profound connection that drives my creative spirit and solidifies my unwavering dedication to the art of floral design for weddings, events & artistic works all over the world.

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